Catalyst Artificial Lift – ArkLaTex – Kilgore, TX


The historic oil fields of East Texas, Southern Arkansas, and Western Louisiana have cumulatively produced more barrels of oil than any other region in the United States. This area, commonly referred to as the ArkLaTex, still boasts a massive number of operating wells, the vast majority of which are utilizing some means of artificial lift to bring crude to the surface. Of the various types of artificial lift, rod pump lifting is the most common method used in this area, and for good reason.

Traditionally, the rod pump method of lifting has been regarded as the simplest and most economical way to bring fluid into the production line. Unfortunately, today’s operators are faced with harsh down-hole conditions that have little regard for depressed market prices and increased operating costs. Corrosive pumping environments can wreak havoc on a rod pump’s components, effectively deteriorating production rates and efficiencies. When it comes to sourcing new and replacement down-hole pump components, many operators are forced to choose between high priced established brands and economy options while sacrificing quality and risking pre-mature failure.  Fortunately, Catalyst Artificial Lift offers neither of these.

Seating Assemblies

Catalyst Artificial Lift produces some of the finest down-hole rod pump components available to the market today. A regional distribution point in Kilgore, Texas, ensures that crucial components are readily available when valuable time is an issue. Catalyst stocks ample inventories of product specifically designed for mature, lower volume wells, such as cup type plungers and soft pack barrels. Additional material options are also available to combat the highly corrosive pumping environments sometimes found in the ArkLaTex region.

When a pump is built or repaired with Catalyst parts, operators can rest assured that they are getting a meticulously crafted component made from the highest quality raw materials available, at a fair price. If you would like to find out more about how Catalyst Artificial Lift components can help your bottom line, contact us on the web, or give us a call at (620) 365-7150. If you have an ArkLaTex related question please feel free to call us in Kilgore, TX at (903) 986-1923.