Catalyst manufactures sucker rod pump fittings to comply with and exceed API 11AX specifications. Using only the highest quality, proven, dependable materials, these fittings perform even in the most adverse pumping environments. Catalyst also offers non-API sucker rod pump fittings such as collet type bushings and couplings.


  • API B21 (Valve Rod Bushings)
  • API B22 (Barrel Cage Seat Bushings)
  • API B23 (Bushing, Cage to Puller)


  • API C21 (Upper Barrel Connector)
  • API C22 (Box End Plunger Connector)
  • API C31 (Barrel Extension)


  • API C32 (Pull to Coupling – Upper)
  • API C33 (Pull to Coupling – Lower)
  • API C34 (Tubing Coupling)
  • API C35 (Barrel Coupling)
  • API C36 (Barrel Coupling – Lower Soft-Packed Tubing Pump)
  • API C37 (Barrel Coupling – Soft-Packed Tubing Pump)


  • API P11 (Pull Plug)
  • API P12 (Seat Plug)


  • API P31 (Standing Valve Puller)

Material Options:

  • 8620 Alloy Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Monel®