Catalyst offers an extensive assortment of sucker rod pump nipples. Seating nipples, extension nipples, and lift subs are manufactured in compliance with API 11AX quality standards. Nipples are also available in an assortment of material options to address various application requirements.


  • API N11 (Seating Nipple - Cup Type)
  • API N12 (Seating Nipple - Mechanical Bottom Lock)
  • API N13 (Seating Nipple - 2 Cup Tubing Pump)
  • API N14 (Seating Nipple - Mechanical Top Lock)
  • API N21 (Nipple, Extension, Upper)
  • API N22 (Nipple, Extension, Lower)
  • Strainer Nipples
  • Gas Anchors
  • Sand Screens

Material Options:

  • 8620 Alloy Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Brass

*Not all configurations available in aforementioned material options.

*Additional configurations available upon request.